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Comments Last 3 pages are broken (

evi 1

michael maurice The last few pages and the most vital ones to me are missing or distoted

Josso61 I could really do with a Manual for a Tascam 48-OB...but this is a start! If anyone can help me?

frosty55 Wonderful info thank you very much.

MatMusic I just wanted a quick overview of the machine - this manual does it. Thanks. And as said before : the last few pages, including some schematics are corrupted

Montague Hi all, just downloading the manual for the Tascam 58, was hoping to find a service/owners manual for the 48-OB, if anyone could help me out i'd really appreciate it, hopefully the 58 is close enough to do some servicing/maintenance.

man-bot Great - but schematics are messed up on a few pages

iavscanada Yes, the manual schematics are mostly all unusable. If anyone has a better scan of the schematics, please provide.

robgti76 Seeking for the serv manual to repair the TASCAM 58 open reel deck. Thx!!!

cowboybob pretty good. Last 5 -6 pages were missing and one corrupted. but just what i needed to get started.