Rotel RX-850-A owners manual

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kikoman Thanks again..

nyceddie I really wanted a manual for the ROTEL RX-850 but it is as rare as hens' teeth so I settled for the RX-850A as it should be close in performance and features. I'm glad Hifi Manuals has it and made it readily available. Thanks.

hifinut1 Very useful manual. Many thanks. John

heavychevy69 Thank very usefull

alanjon47 Pretty impressive to find full instruction manual so easily for Rotel receiver built in 1988. Very pleased. Good scanned manual. Clear and easy to read except for the last page (specifications) which a bit blurred, but still readable.

Ian Try Just bought a great used RX-850A for our beach house and needed a manual. very useful and easy to read. Thanks for your service.