Peavey Electronics KB-300 schematic

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jonsulli2k Thank you. Great place to start trying to find the missing mid-range output and the explosive sound output after a note is played.

antazdant i like kb 300

funji01 Great!! Thank you!!

gilbert592003 schéma très complet. bravo !

bobp0303 Thanks for having it available! My knowledgeable friend will be over this evening to help troubleshoot why channel two is noisy but the rest of the amp is fine. I'm a musician, NOT a technician, so am unequipped to comment on the manual itself.

Carlosraj It has been very useful to solve a very difficult problem I was facing with this amp. Thanks alot. Carlosraj

gempo thank's for schematic..

3delta can,t open the file.

3delta hope to repair my unit soon

feisttv Good quality complete manual, thanks!

joebmcmillan have been looking for this for quite some time and as you probably know peavey arn't the most forthcoming for tech.